6 Hours Till Hedonism II is the tenth episode and Season 2 finale of Workaholics. It first aired on November 22, 2011.


The guys have 6 hours to get Blake a passport, or they'll miss their Thanksgiving trip to Hedonism II.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Kyle Newacheck as Karl
  • Lurie Poston as Damien Carmichael
  • Lori Alan as Betsy Russ
  • Pete Gardner as Dale Carmichael
  • Joel McKinnon Miller as Head Cop


  • Michael Busch as Dude
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Gerald
  • Billy Merritt as Dan
  • Mike Raid as Very Creepy Guy
  • Michael Rivkin as Mike The Waiter
  • Chase Matthews as Brian Harper
  • Jacqui Holland as Linda
  • Jaye Razor as Antonio