"Drug test? I'm excited, what kind of drugs are we testing?"

Blake Henderson
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Blake Anderson

Blake Chesterfield Henderson is one of the main characters in Workaholics. He is portrayed by Blake Anderson

Official Biography[edit | edit source]

He's the guy at the party who makes a massive cheese and cracker sandwich called the Eliminator. You know, that guy. His strange personality makes him interesting, but also misunderstood, which is frustrating because Blake just wants to be himself. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong constantly happens to this rebellious kid. But Blake understands the human condition in ways that Adam and Anders never will. He enjoys pitting Anders and Adam against each other like Othello’s Iago, if Iago had a sense of humor and a medical marijuana license. Being a weirdo with self confidence, phone sales suits him perfectly. What makes Blake a good friend is that he’s willing to take risks and try new things and he’ll trick you into joining him for a night you’ll never forget… because of the tattoo… and the scar… and the Croatian wife you now have.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Blake is most recognizable by his long curly/frizzy hair and mustache. He is the only one out of the guys that never tucks in his shirt at work and always looks less presentable then they do. When he's not at work his style varies from wife beaters and head bands to wizard wear and dress-up. He is known to be the biggest stoner/drug user out of the group and is the most sensitive. He also has the most weird/eccentric personality and is the least self involved. He is shown to a some chemistry with Jillian and her feelings for him are quite clear but he doesn't know, there is a point in the show where he wants to sleep with her, but blows it when he says he can't wait to tell the other dudes about it. In Season 1 when he does a strip dance for Adam and Ders they say his penis is pretty decent, but later on in the series it is revealed that he has a small penis. He is also revealed to have the worst singing voice, Adam describing it as "Horrific, life leaving something like a child's nightmare"

Blake's first scene in Season 1

Season Character Storylines[edit | edit source]

Season 1 [edit | edit source]

The series starts out with Blake and Adam pranking Anders and getting him to send a dick pic to a girl, but Adam sends it to everyone on the contact list. At work they find out that they have a drug test, and they have all smoked marijuana yesterday and in the car on the way to work.

Blake celebrates passing the drug test

They try to find ways to postpone the test and get clean urine, and in the process take pills that give them red faces and bribe a child. In the end, Blake reenacts a scene from Die Hard, crawls through the vents and replaces the whole offices urine with his own. The tests come back as a fail because there is a cocktail of drugs in his system, which now shows up for everyone.

Blake and the bear coat

Blake spends his pay check on a new bear coat that he is very proud of. When the guys try to impress girls into going to a Clippers game with them, Blake has to get the tickets from Montez, when he goes over to his house he freaks out when he sees Montez's penis through the window and doesn't get the tickets, causing the girls to ditch them.

Blake and the shrooms

When the guys can't stay at the house because of fumigation they decide to have an office campout. Blake brings magic mushrooms and they all end up getting incredibly high, Adam the most. They freak out when they think that the office is being broken into but it ends up being the IT guys fixing the computers.

Blake and Adam go on a prank war with Ders which gets out of hand when they put his chance for a promotion on the line. Ders says he is going to move out because he can't deal with them anymore. Blake and Adam feel bad and both put in a good word with Alice for him to get the promotion, and when he does get it, Ders reveals that he was never going to move out. He becomes their boss and overuses his power on them, Blake and Adam become sick of his new attitude, get him drunk and put a bike lock around his neck, causing him to get demoted.

Blake strips for Ders and Adam

Blake tells the guys that he is taking a stripper class and shows them his dance in his police uniform. The next day they agree to take Alice's brother Brad who has Down Syndrome for a night out which included getting drunk and stealing beer. When they get to a DUI checkpoint, they all flee the car except for Brad, who jumped in the trunk after stealing the beer. The car gets towed and they work together to get Brad back from the impound lot, but when they get there he is gone. Brad ends up saving them from the impound owner by wearing Blake's stripper uniform and pretending to be a cop.

When they guys want to celebrate Half-Christmas but get turned down by Alice, Blake and Adam decide to go on strike for religious reasons. Ders warns them that Alice has already replaced them, but they manage to get the office on their side and Ders eventually joins them. They manage to get their demands met.

In Juggalo makeup

After hearing that Jillian wants to accompany them to a wine and cheese party for professionals, they set her up on a blind date because she always gets out of hand when she's drunk. At the party, Blake is bullied by 'wheelchair guy' who is rude to them every year. He then gets a call from Jillian in tears, they feel bad and go get her at a Juggalo Music Festival. Ders tells Blake not to get weird because he loves getting involved with anything freaky. When they find Jillian she's drunk and okay, but Blake gets into a fight with her date and is knocked out. Embracing the Juggalo style, they return to the wine and cheese party and he stands up to wheelchair guy.

After Ders accidentally gets Blake's friend and drug dealer(Karl) arrested, the guys plan to catch a man who has been sending pictures of his penis to children on the Justin Bieber fan club site that Jillian and Blake are a part of. Blake tells him he's 10 and to come to the house, but when he gets there he seems to be a really cool guy and not a perv, he introduces himself as Topher and says he has access to the Penthouse Penthouse and invites them to a party there (similar to the Playboy Mansion) and the group decided to hang out with him until the party. At a club, Blake starts feeling uncomfortable because he knows Topher is a pedeophile, he confronts him at the club but Topher threatens to not let them go to the Penthouse Penthouse party so they try to help him hook up with adults. When that fails, Jillian is the one who eventually calls the police and he goes to jail.

The group are practicing for a Renaissance fair where they will be doing a rap song as wizards, Adam meets a older rich woman and begins to have a fling with her. He moves into her house and ditches Blake and Ders. When they come to visit they find Adam training for a bodybuilding competition and he quits the wizard group. Ders and Adam fight and when they leave and try to get on with a life without him. Karl moves in but it doesn't work out. On the way to the Renaissance fair they stop to watch Adam at his competition but he is laughed at, so they get on stage with him and do their wizard rap.

Blake gets shot by Karl

At the end of the season, on the way to work the guys hit a man with their car who later they find out is the CEO of the company, Mr Benson. He asked them to lunch and they think they will be fired but he asks them to murder him for $10,000. They decide to throw him a swingers celebrity lookalike party to make him see life is worth living and get him hooked up with the Michelle Obama lookalike. They find him asking Karl to kill him and then get him drunk. When they get to work the next day he shows up with the Michelle Obama lookalike and announces that he is liquidating the company. Blake comes up with a plan to get Karl to shoot at Mr Benson with a blank gun and then Blake will jump in front of him to save his life, but when Karl shows up he has the real gun and shoots but Blake realises too late and is shot. The wound turns out to be a bullet graze.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Undercover in High School

When the guys realise that the tax money they're paying makes public property theirs, they steal a dragon statue off a local playground. During the night the statue gets stolen by a group of teenagers. They disguise themselves as teenagers and get into the school to find out information but end up giving their home address to the whole school. Teenagers trash their yard and send them to the principles house instead. In the end the teenagers have a party at their house and saw off the dragons head. They make a deal and call a truce, but have to pay to get inside and drink.

Blake's puppet

After a hard night of partying the guys plan to go sober for a week. But when Adam finds it too hard and they all snap, Alice calls them in and sends them to HR for a substance abuse course.They have to pass a series of activities including talking through sock puppets, they argue with each other through the puppets, saying Ders is to much of an adult, Adam is too self centred and Blake needs to grow up. Blake says he doesn't want to grow up cause it will mean having to move away from them. They all make up and go to a strip club.

Wanting to host WrestleMania, the guys discover that their TV is broken. When they get to work they are told of a competition where they can win a fridge with a built in TV. They are focused until the new beautiful Australian temp is introduced and they can't concentrate on the competition. After finding out that she is attracted to average guys, they become motivated to win the fridge so they can give it to her and she can date one of them, when they win she finds it all creepy and leaves. They take the fridge home but it doesn't last long when Adam slams a chair into it.

Blake trains in a store

Blake becomes obsessed with PlayStation in preparation for a video game competition and doesn't shower and barley makes it to work. Meanwhile, Adam learns Alice is single and try to seduce her, she says she needs a male model for the website and wants Anders for it which starts a competition between the two of them. Blake trains in a store with an old blind boxer. Adam challenges Ders to a fight but Blake steps up and fights him. Adam throws sand in Blake's eyes and Blake throws a punch which hits Jillian in the face. Ders quits as the model and Alice replaces him with Waymond.

Blake and Adam talk about Old Man Ders

Ders goes through an age crisis when Adam and Blake see that he can't hold his alcohol like he used to. Throughout his birthday acts young, orders drugs, steals Montez's car and crashes a party at a kids restaurant. Blake tries to get him to leave but Ders says he'll only leave if Blake can win him a big shark blimp at the arcade. While Blake tries to win the shark, Adam orders strippers for Ders. Blake starts freaking out because he knows 'The Ders' is coming if they don't get out of there. Ders gets punched in the face and then gets depressed. He realises that he is not old and he can now run for City Council.

Blake tricks Jillian

Adam and Ders walk in on Blake with a sex doll, Blake claims she isn't a sex doll, she's a real doll and her name is Sigourney Beaver. At work Alice wants everyone to put on onesies and take a photo for her friend, she goes home because she is sick and puts Jillian in charge, but nobody takes her seriously. Blake dresses up Sigourney Beaver in his clothing, sneaks past Jillian and goes to the roof to eat burgers. When Jillian leads the office into chaos after announcing that Alice got an email of people she needs to fire, she goes to the guys for help. Adam sees that he is on the list and makes Ders and Alice think he had jumped off the roof but he just dressed Sigourney Beaver in his clothes and threw her off. Alice fires Jillian for looking at her emails but the guys manage to save her job by saying that the whole office won't take her onesie photo.

Getting ready for the race

Blake accuses Ders of stealing a condom from his condom collection, Ders accuses Blake of stealing his shirt and Adam accuses Ders of stealing his shampoo. The guys are invited to a pool party in Montez's gated community. After finding toys in the garage, Blake gets into an accident in a soap box derby race and smashes into someones garage door. The security guard sees them and chases them down. After inadvertently trespassing in someones house, they eventually manage to hide in the sewers. When down there, they compare themselves to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They all argue and it eventually comes out that Adam stole Blake's condom, Blake stole Ders underwear and Ders stole Adams shampoo. When they try to get out the cover won't lift because Jillian is parked on top. Ders smashes a pipe, it bursts and the water rises. They all apologise to each other and work together to get out of there.

Blake disguises himself

Karl is getting married in 5 hours so the guys need to get the house ready for the wedding. Blake finds it weird that Karl seems to be changing his whole personality for a girl. Karl says he only invited one of his friends, 'Sewer Dwayne' to the wedding cause his friends aren't classy and he wants to be impressive. When Blake goes to find more chairs he finds Sewer Dwayne motor boating a girl at the back of the house. Blake gets on board with the wedding and tells Karl that he's found the one, until she is introduced to him and he recognises that it was the girl who was with Sewer Dwayne. In order to try and talk to her alone and being told only girls were allowed in the room, Blake disguises himself as the grandmother by thinking of a scene from Mrs Doubtfire. Blake tries stalling the wedding but finally tells Karl what happened at the alter. She leaves and Karl returns back to his old self.

Blake and the harpoon gun

The guys try to find out whats wrong with the car while drinking margaritas

After Jillian stands up for the guys at a Karaoke bar, they realise that they need to man up and go on a trip. They go all out and buy a bow and arrow, crossbow and a harpoon gun. Blake makes margaritas and waffles in the backseat and the car breaks down. When they push it to the nearest station they see a raccoon and kill it, but it turns out to be a homeless mans pet. The man starts to steal Ders car to take the racoon to the vet but can't drive a stick. Des takes him and bonds with him on the way. Meanwhile, Blake and Adam think they need to save Ders life and steal a car, Adam with the crossbow and Blake driving for the first time. Adam then takes the harpoon gun and shoots at the tire which gets caught and is thrown off the car. The homeless man steals the car that Blake and Adam initially stole and the guys end up going to a Beyonce concert with Jillian.

Blake records himself getting ready for Thanksgiving

The guys are disappointed when they finally get there

The guys are getting ready to go to Jamaica for Thanksgiving but Blake realises he forgot to send in his applications for a passport. Adam and Ders don't want to leave him behind so they call Karl to see if he can help them get a passport in 6 hours. Karl recommends a woman who turns out to be a complete housewife and says she is too busy to make a passport on such short notice, but the guys say they can do all her chores for her, which includes picking her teenage son up from school. The kid doesn't want to go with them and after calling Blake a 'long haired jazz expert', Adam forces the kid into the car which looks like kidnapping. To avoid being caught by the police, they paint the car bright yellow. While painting it, the kid runs away and they follow him to a porn theatre, after searching and thinking they should give up, they find out thats where the father of the kid works and he just wanted to be with him for Thanksgiving. Blake gets his passport, but when they get to Jamaica it is empty because everyone is spending Thanksgiving with their families.

Blake starts tripping

Season 3[edit | edit source]

The guys are preparing to do acid when Ders gets called on a business trip with Alice. Blake and Adam don't want to do the acid without him so they surprise him in his hotel room but Ders says he has to get a contract signed with a client Alice needs. Ders tells them to stay in the room while he goes to the party, but when he arrives Alice says that this client is a party animal and nearly leaves with someone else but Ders says they can do acid, which Alice desperately agrees to. They all take the acid, except for Ders because he needs to get the contract signed. The client orders male strippers to the room and Blake starts tripping. Adam complains that the acid isn't working on him.

Blake attacks the male stripper

"Whoa! God has a picture of me!"

While hallucinating, Blake sees a monster snake trying to attack him, which turns out to be the strippers penis which he is attacking. They go down to the hotel reception because they've lost the client, when Ders tries to talk to the receptionist Adam and Blake blow it. Adam insults her and Blake thinks that she is God. They eventually find the client and Ders gets the signature, and then he takes his acid.

Blake's fish has been killed as a threat

The guys are preparing for a pizza eating contest when they run out of weed. They can't get in contact with Karl and become desperate. They go to a tattoo parlour to find a dealer. Adam ends up getting a belly button piercing. They meet Lisa,who says she can help them. They are blown away with how professional she is and the quality of weed she gives them. Karl comes to their house and gets offended when he finds them smoking the other weed. They get in a fight but they say Lisa is better. They enjoy the perks of Lisa being their dealer and when she hands them their bill they say that their old dealer used to be cool about payment. Lisa quickly becomes threatening and says that they have until 6 the next day to pay up. At the office, Blake gets a package of his dead fish. Later on she forces them into her van to take them to her boss, who turns out to be Karl in a mexican disguise. He says that him and his dealer friends came up with this psychopathic boss to scare people into paying them and they all pretend to be him. They make up with Karl and give him the pizza competition prize.

The guys stop for a picture while trashing the office

Blake, Devin, Adam and Ders

Blake, Ders and Adam arrive at the office to find it completely empty. Alice calls and tells them that they moved offices over the weekend. Before they leave they trash the place. When they get to the new office they can't find parking and complain to Alice that there is no need for 2 handicapped parkings. Adam suggests that they bring his disabled cousin, Devin, to work there so they can use the handicapped parking. His cousin is reluctant but only agrees because his disability money is going to finish. Devin hits on a woman, eats Montez's yoghurt and they get in a fight and he try to impress Jillian. The guys say that he should get in another accident so that he'll have new disability income. After a failed attempt at falling down the stairs he starts to leave, but see that a truck is about to hit Ders and saves him. The guys finally get their disabled parking pass but finds that Alice has taken the one parking away. When they go to complain she says that homeless people people broke into the old office and trashed it, meaning they can't their security deposit

The hovercraft breaks

While unclogging the drain of the swimming pool, Blake is convinced that he has found the 'Rancho Chupacabraj' which is actually just their neighbours dead dog. He carries it around in his backpack everywhere he goes. The guys head to Montez's garage sale and find a pool hovercraft they want to buy for a pool party. Once they've bought it they find out that it doesn't work and end up taking Montez to a small claims court.

The guys covered in the dogs guts

When they know that they're losing the case, Blake causes a distraction and throws the dead dog into the ceiling fan.

Kidnapping Waymond

They kidnap Waymond who was a witness at the garage sale and threaten him, Blake tries to scare him by making him put his hand in a bag of grapes and spaghetti, saying they're eyeballs of children, but Adam and Ders point out that Waymond isn't blindfolded. They make him dig his own grave in a local park but he takes too long, so they take over and Raymond drives away. In court the next day, Montez thinks he has won, but footage from the garage sale comes up where he was telling Waymond about how he sold them a broken hovercraft. The guys win and throw a pool party with their fixed hovercraft, and Blake tries to get people to take a picture, with a picture of the 'Rancho Chupacabraj.'

Blake with a picture of the Rancho Chupacabraj

Blake pretends to be a pro skateboarder

When the guys see the other office prankster 'Homegirl' asleep at her desk they draw on her, put food on her, Adam puts his balls on her head and they all take pictures. Alice comes into the office with the paramedics and they find out that Homegirl is dead. Ders hot pen pal is coming to visit from Sweden with her friend and he says that he can only take either Adam or Blake with him. He chooses Blake because he looks like a pro skater celebrity and Adam gets pissed off. Blake and Ders go to ask Alice for the day off tomorrow so that they can mourn Homegirl because they are butt hurt. Adam interrupts and says they should all work. Blake tells Adam to back off because he knows he's bad with girls "I'm like a bull in a vagina shop". Adam ends up sabotaging their plans and they blow it with the Swedish girls.

Blake and Adam covered in cow blood

Blake and Adam plan to start a beef jerky business and bring a whole dead cow into the house to cut it up. Ders father is coming to visit and Ders has been lying to him about his living situation and how successful he is. He breaks into the open house down the street and tells his father that he's staying there, he also says that Blake and Adam are not his friends. Blake and Adam get offended and trash the open house with cow blood. Ders eventually tells his father the truth and the jerky tastes horrible because in the process of making it, it got burnt, thrown on the floor, pissed on and didn't actually cook.

Blake and Adam beating up the dead cow

Adam is inspired to try get into a religious weight lifting group called The Lords Force, they go to a show and meet two of the members and take them out for drinks. They are shocked when they find the two men kissing outside and witness the boss of The Lords Force firing them for being gay. The guys volunteer for the two men to stay at their place till they get back on their feet but find it distracting living with gay men. They try to help them out by coming up with a new group called The Gay Lords Force but they leave to go back to their old group. Adam ends up doing The Gay Lords Force show by himself and is successful.

Blake falls asleep on the bike

After getting incredibly drunk, Blake, Adam and Ders leave a series of rude messages on Alice's work voicemail. When they wake up they realise they are still drunk and must keep drinking to avoid a hangover, but they need to rush to work to delete all the voice mails. While Blake and Ders run to catch the bus, Adam goes back to the house to get all the beers for them but when he coms back he has drank all of them. Adam passes out but they get to a convenience store and him and Blake take pain killers, which turn out to be the pm kind. Blake and Ders steal a teenagers bike to get to the office but Blake falls asleep. When Ders gets into Alice's office he finds out that her voice mail machine is locked for 24 hours. The guys then get drunk and start leaving messages again.

Blake and Adam on a stakeout

When the guys go to the store to get camping stuff, Ders gets an over the pants hand job by a mysterious woman who takes a photo of him. Blake and Adam run into Montez who agrees to let them use his RV for their camping trip, and it was Montez's wife who was the woman who gave Ders the hand job. Montez later suspects his wife is cheating on him and Blake and Adam agree to catch the cheater at the house.

"Oh God my little baby! My little angel!"

They tie themselves in ropes in a tree outside his house and eat steak, because its a stakeout. They see the cheater go into the house and Adam falls out of the tree, the rope around his neck. Blake runs inside to get help but gets distracted when he finds out that Ders is the cheater. They both run outside to cut Adam down, who is nearly dead. They tell Montez that Karl is the cheater, but the truth all comes out when Montez and Karl get in a fight, and it is revealed that Montez and his wife actually have a deal and she never cheated.

First look at Blake in college

Blake cries on command for Adam

We flashback to 2006, a college dorm and Blake with a huge afro and no moustache. He sees that his roommate is: Adam Dwayne 'The Rock' Roommate DeMamp. Blake walks in on Adam masturbating and introduces himself. Adam has a different clothing style and has a mohawk with long side burns. Anders then introduces himself as resident advisor and part of the swim team. He then confiscates Blake's microwave and leaves.

Blake as Napoleon Dynamite with Adam

Blake tells Adam that his Major is Theatre and he got a very small part in a play. They decide to throw a party so Blake can impress the main theatre guy, Fritz, with his acting skills. Adam offers Blake a joint to calm down but he says he's never tried it and doesn't want to.

Blake and Adam shock the pool with chlorine

When he's doing a Napoleon Dynamite bit, Anders comes and shuts the party down and confiscates the alcohol. After being mad at Anders, Blake and Adam feel sorry for him because he has to get up so early for swim practice. They pour a lot of chlorine into the pool so that the swim practice will be cancelled, thinking they did Anders a favour. But later they find him crying in the shower, finding out that he was kicked off the team and lost his swimming scholarship. They go to check on him in his dorm and the three drink together and bond. They decide to throw a party with all the alcohol Anders had confiscated so that they can earn money for his fees. While handing out flyers for the party, they also are looking for a drug dealer and find Karl.

They guys bond

Blake gets high for the first time and rejects a role in the play

At the party Blake is nervous because he invited Fritz and plans to do a dramatic act, Karl overhears and offers him some weed. When Fritz arrives and offers him understudy in the play, Blake is stoned and rejects him. The campus police bust the party and Blake, Adam and Anders end up being kicked out of the dorms. While leaving the school they walk past the TelAmeriCorp booth and are encouraged to sign up for part time jobs by Alice and Waymond, the guys laugh at them and Blake steals Waymond's hair piece.

The guys see Bill giving himself a blowjob

Seeing Bill as a street robot

When the guys find out that theres going to be an office 'roast' on Bill they get excited but are shot down when Alice says they can't participate because they're not funny. While smoking weed about it, they argue what the funniest movie of all time is: Adam has The Love Guru, Ders has Austin Powers and Blake has Wayne's World (All Mike Myers movies).

In disguise at the sandwich shop

They get advice form Alice's brother, Brad, to know their target, so they follow Bill around to get material on him and see that he's a pretty weird guy and witness him doing naked yoga, giving himself a blowjob and being a street preforming robot in his spare time.

The guys in character

They offer to help Bill get back at Montez and Jet Set for making fun of him and come up with a plan. At the office roast, the guys fail to make anyone laugh when they dress up as the characters of their favourite movies and in desperation, out Bill for all the weird stuff they saw.

Getting pranked by Alice

Bill gets angry and pulls out a gun, taking the office hostage. Adam attacks him with a stapler and Bill takes him outside to shoot him. When the two are alone it is revealed that this is part of the plan to get back at Montez and Jet Set. Bill makes Montez pick Jet Set's nose and eat the boogers, and says Jet Set must crap his pants while this happens. When Blake and Ders start arguing about the best movie is, Adam hears them trashing The Love Guru and reveals himself to be alive. The SWAT team busts in and forces them to the ground, Blake says they were just trying to be funny but it wasn't. Alice then reveals that she knew about the prank because Bill told her and organised this as a joke. When the guys get home and go to their rooms, they all try to give themselves blowjobs.

Blake finds glasses

Blake attempts to give himself a blowjob

When the guys all watch a horror movie together, Adam can't fall asleep and stays up all night. At work the next day, Ders is excited about the Super Moon that is happening that night and Blake says that paranormal things are supposed to happen when a Super Moon is out and there are thousands of unsolved child murders every time it happens. Jillian tells them that the crew thats working on renovations cleared out the basement and theres a lot up for grabs. While looking through it, Blake finds a pair of glasses and a mysterious portrait of an older man. When Alice sees it she freaks out and tells Jillian to get rid of it, Blake asks Jillian who it is and she says he was a bad man. Blake is convinced that this man was a child murderer and names him Dr.TelAmeriCorp. While Ders disappears to watch the Super Moon, Blake takes a very sleep deprived Adam with him to snoop around the office. He downloads a ghost app and says there is activity.

Blake and the portrait of Dr.TelAmeriCorp

Adam attacks Blake and Ders

They find what looks like blood on the floor and the Dr.TelAmeriCorp painting jumps out and scares them. Adam thinks its a ghost and beats him up out of shock until he realises that its actually Ders. Ders says he found the painting in the garbage and the 'blood' is actually barbecue sauce. While the 3 are talking they hear a blood curdling scream from the warehouse, Blake says when Adam punched the painting the soul of Dr.TelAmeriCorp was released. When they go down there they see a pool of blood on the floor and Adam leaves to go to the bathroom. Blake and Ders start to do a satanic ritual to send the spirit back to hell.

Blake sees that the exorcism has worked

Bill scares Blake and Ders

Adam then appears and talks in a childs voice, he says Dr.TelAmeriCorp spoke to him. Blake says Adam is possessed and they run away from him. They manage to capture him take him to the roof for an exorcism. When Adam falls asleep, Blake says that it has worked. Bill then bursts onto the roof and says he cut his finger to the bone. They realise that they heard Bill screaming and that it was his blood. Bill also tells them that the painting is of Josh, he quit when Alice kept sexually harassing him and when she had the painting done.

Rolling to work with guns

When the guys are distracting everyone at work by shooting each other with guns, Alice confiscates them. She later asks them to fill out a rating of her as a boss but they want their guns back and the rest of the day off. She agrees so that they will give her a good report. While the whole office is playing with guns, Travis from corporate comes into the office and tells Alice she is not getting a raise. Alice quits and Travis takes over. He fills the office with plants and changes the working areas, separating Blake, Adam and Ders.

"If I don't smoke something soon, imma put my face in the paper shredder."

When they go to the storeroom to smoke weed, Travis is there and is onto them. Ders says that he has an app that can switch around words to make a new sentence and they come up with a plan to get Travis to say something inappropriate and get him fired. Ders straps his phone to his chest and is successful in getting Travis to say some keywords until Blake and Adam blow it by calling him and his phone lights up. Travis calls them into his office and whips out his penis, stating that he is a real man and demands that they take theirs out. The guys are shocked and leave. Blake comes up with a plan to put Jillian's birds in Travis's office, but hell breaks loose when Travis shoots all of the birds and even breaks a parrots neck. Jillian is devastated that he murdred all her birds and tells the guys that Travis has hidden tiny cameras in the plants. The guys send the footage to one of their biggest clients 'Earth Pets'. While Travis takes the call from them, the guys all take out their dicks and flash Travis because they have won. Alice gets her job back and everything goes back to normal.

Blake becomes the laughing stock of a high school when the guys go to watch Jillian's nephew in a football game and he desperately uses a smaller urinal, causing all the high school guys to say that he has a small penis. Meanwhile, Ders and Adam become addicted to placing bets with some high schoolers, causing Blake to return to the school and get made fun of. He thinks his luck is changing when a cheerleader looks like she's flirting with him, but she proceeds to mock his penis and chants a rhyme about it. He runs away to buy food and gets an idea when he sees a corndog. He streaks onto the field with a megaphone and shouts to everyone that he has a big dick, from a distance it looks like he does, but up close you can see that he has put the corndog onto his penis.

The guys are alone for Valentines Day, and in an attempt to feel less lonely they go online to chat with 'real girls' (actually a porn site). They become obsessed with a girl called 'Just Anna' and even nearly lose their jobs when they trick Alice and manage to watch the porn at work. They eventually run out of money and when they hear a man shouting in the background of Just Anna's videos, they think she is being abused by her boyfriend. They track down the credit card bill address and think they have walked into a sex slave house, but when they meet Just Anna they realise that she is a fantasy and in reality, she's had 3 kids, has been in and out of mental hospitals and does not do art. They call it a deal breaker and find that they still can't talk to girls properly.

When an opportunity arises for the guys to sell a great idea to their successful college friend Patrick, Blake invents the 'Unburnable American Flag'. Adam and Ders think its crap and get carried away in trying to impress Patrick who they need to pitch the idea to. When they get to the club, Patrick tells Blake that he is not dressed properly and that his hair is inappropriate. Ders tells Blake that he packed him a nice outfit in the car but Blake leaves and goes to Karl, who has joined a rebellious teenage art collective run by Shane. While Adam and Ders are encouraged to do cocaine while pitching their idea, they can't come up with anything that gets Patrick's attention and finally pitch Blake's flag idea which he is interested in. Blake robs a whole foods and steals salad with the art collective. They come up with plan to get back at Adam, Ders and ___, while also defeating 'The Man'. Blake makes himself presentable and gives the American Flag to Adam and Ders, but they all realise that the people they're taking orders from (Patrick and Shane) need to be taken down instead. Blake tells the art collective that he won't do it and they go inside, and Adam and Ders give Patrick the flag, saying they're not interested. Patrick lights the flag on fire, which is actually very flammable, the smoke detectors go off and urine rains down in the club.

When Adam dislocates both of his shoulders after making a workout video, they go to his grandfather's retirement home so that he can try get back on his health insurance. Blake complains that he doesn't have a grandfather to bond with, and meets an old guitarist who is really cool. Blake asks him if he can call him his grandfather, the old man agrees but only if Blake can cause a distraction so he can sneak more pills. He pretends to be a patient that has fallen and bonds with his new grandfather. Later on, Adam, Blake and Ders have snuck a few old people to their house for a luau along with Jillian's Russian hockey team. Blake soon realises that his new grandpa has a serious alcoholics problem when he beats a Russian hockey player in a drinking game and even drinks hand sanitiser. When he passes out, Blake is forced to give him 'mouth to neck' causing body fluid to come through the guys neck and into Blake's mouth. Blake is disgusted and vomits. The old people are soon discovered to be missing and return back to the retirement home.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has extremely sensitive cheeks.
  • He was born red, due to the fact that his mother had a yeast infection when she gave birth to him, and due to this, he now has a rash.
  • Blake is left-handed.
  • His most favorite movie of all time is Hocus Pocus.
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