Meth Head Actor is the second episode of the sixth season of Workaholics that first aired on January 21, 2016. It is also the 68th episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

The guys get busted for smoking pot and attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where Blake runs into an old friend and Ders makes a scary new one.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Andy Dick as Mr. Buckley
  • Brett Rice as Judge Brownton
  • Ben Rodgers as Logan
  • Gary Kraus as Sheriff


  • Wilson A. Ramirez, Jr. as Group Leader Tim
  • Ski Carr as Zippo
  • John Lee Amos as Sober Guy
  • Scott Menville as Shane
  • Stacie Green well as Ellen
  • Stephanie Barnes as Linda
  • David Cooley as Shadowy Bearded Figure
  • Charmaine Charles as Theater Goer