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"This movie is based on a book. Books don’t lie."

Piss & Shit is the series premiere of Workaholics that first aired on April 6, 2011.


When the guys have to pass a drug test at work, they only have one choice: bribe middle school kids for clean urine.


After a day of partying and returning to work the next day, Blake Anderson, Anders Holmvik and Adam DeMamp are forced to find ways in passing a company wide drug test. They are forced to retrieve the clean urine of middle school students by means of bribery. They bribe an Asian student with pornography, fireworks, and ninja stars. They soon lose a majority of the precious urine during an argument.

The trio decide to man-up and take the drug test, but before leaving for the bathroom, Blake, inspired by the film Die Hard, comes up with a plan and tells Anders and Adam to stall as much as they can. While the two are wasting time in the bathroom, like pretending to urinate within the sample cup, Blake sneaks into the janitorial closet, storing the rest of the employees' urine samples. He opens each one and urinates within them. He is able to escape in the nick of time when the drug tester returns.

At the end of the day, the tester is relinquished of his duties by TelAmeriCorp boss, Alice Murphy, who is surprised to discover that every employee has failed the urine test. Blake, Anders, and Adam celebrate when they receive a text from Jillian Murphy, friend and office manager, that there will be a hair follicle test.



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