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“Did the world know Ludacris could act?!”

We Be Ballin' is the second episode of the first season of Workaholics that first aired on April 13, 2011.


The guys will stop at nothing to get tickets to a sold-out basketball game, even if it means being dunked in a horchata tank and seeing a grown man's penis.


Adam is infatuated with his 3rd love Chelsie Neiderdeppy. So, the guys attempt to impress her by taking her to a Los Angeles Clippers game that is sold out. They try to find ways to go to the game including staging a fake bomb threat and sneaking in when the audience and players are evacuated out of the stadium.



Guest Starring[]

  • Erik Griffin as Montez Walker
  • Craig Anton as Bart
  • Adam Paul as Clark
  • Michelle Glavan as Chelsea Neiderdeppi
  • Ally Maki as Brenanda
  • Marc Summers as Himself


  • Jaime Aymerich as DJ El Lobito
  • Jesse James Youngblood as Mexican MAn
  • Mario Arreaga as Hairy Mexican
  • Andres Cruz as Montez Jr.


  • Sharri Calderon as El Sabor DJ Promo Girl
  • Jet Set Hudson as Jet Set
  • Daniel Staniszewski as Marc Summer's Chauffeur

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