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Workaholics is a situational comedy series aired on Comedy Central and The Comedy Network.

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TelAmeriCorp is a fictional telemarketing company in Workaholics. Not much is know about the company, but the show focuses on the Rancho Cucamonga, California branch of the company. Being a telemarketing firm, TelAmeriCorp focuses on selling its products by means of telecommunications. Being a national corporation, it has different branches, most notable the Rancho Cucamonga branch. The company has a strict dress code for all of its employees which includes collared dress shirts, ties, khakis, and blouses. In addition, it is expected that its employees arrive on time before noon.

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Did You Know...

  • The main characters' names are really based off the names of the actors who play them?
  • Blake, Adam, and Anders all attended the same college and were roommates?
  • Blake applied to work for Hot Topic, but was turned down because of his long hair?
  • That the main theme song to the show is Jock Box by The Skinny Boys?
  • That Adam was hit by a cement truck as a kid?